Wednesday, September 30, 2009

40 weeks/ Also known as my DUE DATE!!!

How far along?: 40 wks!
Maternity Clothes?: Absolutely!
Best Moment this week: Not Maggie related: my dear friend Kristina had her beautiful baby boy this morning and I have already gotten to hold him and give Kristina and Ofir big hugs! While I visited with him I asked him to talk to Maggie and tell her that it's not so bad on the outside. She should give it a try soon. Maggie related: I had my week dr's appointment this week and my doctor agreed to let me go two weeks past my due date instead of just one. Yay!
Movement: She still moves a lot but I can tell she's running out of room.
Food Craving: I was sweet stuff! I also woke up the other morning with the biggest craving for Pop Tarts. Mmm.
Baby's Gender: Sugar and Spice and everything nice.
Labor Signs: Not really. I was told at my appointment that I was only 1.5cm dilated and about 25% effaced but I haven't really experienced anymore BH contractions.
What I miss: Not much. It's been a great couple of weeks. I've been home for a week now and have gotten to keep my feet up a bit so the swelling has gone down a great amount. It's been nice not working and not having to worry about things at the office. I've really had a great time getting the house clean and keeping it that way, catching up on the laundry, making dinner every night so that it's ready when Will gets home from work, and making extra meals to freeze. I've even already made a huge batch of cookie dough so that when I do go into labor we can make cookies to take to the labor and delivery nurses.
What I'm looking forward to: Meeting our Maggie!!!
Milestones: Reaching my due date!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

37 weeks (according to my doctor, full term)

How far along?: 37 wks!
Maternity Clothes?: All the time... I've gotten to the point where I want to wear the same few things all the time now. And I don't want to buy anymore maternity clothes.
Best Moment this week: Going to my doctor's appointment and having her tell me as I was leaving that she would see me next week unless I have a baby between now and then. It doesn't feel like we're at that point already but we are.
Movement: All the time. She's moved into a better position, though because I don't feel fingers and toes like I was. Now it's mostly just baby bottom. That's what we want.
Food Craving: I really have been craving steak fries this week. Not just fries but steak fries...
Baby's Gender: Team Pink!!!
Labor Signs: I think I've had a grand total of 2 Braxton Hicks contractions. Both times, I believe it was because I needed to use the restroom and had waited too long.
What I miss: Breathing.
What I'm looking forward to: My last day of work! It's next Friday. There are so many little things I want to get done at home before Maggie arrives but I just don't have the energy in the evenings when I get home from work.
Milestones: Reaching full term, according to my doctor. And getting several meals prepared and frozen so that we won't starve or live off of fast food when Maggie comes home. So far I've marinated and frozen several chicken breasts, made lasagna, chicken divan, twice baked potatoes, beef strogenoff, hamburgers and chili. Any other suggestions that you all have are more than welcome. I have a few other meals I plan to make and freeze but still need ideas.