Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My First Pinterest Project Review

I've managed to complete a few Pinterest projects and recipes but I think that this one is my favorite so far. When we found out that we were expecting a new baby Maggie was still in her crib but getting close to making the move to a big bed. Instead of changing her nursery into her big girl room we decided to start from scratch it was was our office. I started looking at different ideas for this room and wanted to have run getting it all together for Maggie. One thing that I really needed to do was come up with a solution for her books. The little cubby shelf they were on was now too small for them. In the process of searching for ideas for her room I stumbled upon this photo on Pinterest. I fell in love with it because I thought it would take up less time than a traditional book shelf.

I think they are already a little full

 I found fabric that coordinated with her new bedding which I also made and set out to make the shelves/slings.

The sewing portion of the project took no time at all. I did make a few changes to the measurements just to fit them on our wall a little better but other than that I followed the tutorial completely. If she adds any more books to her library I'm going to have to add another shelf. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Making my return to Blogging

So, after taking a year and a half break from blogging I'm toying with the idea of starting back up again. I would love having a place to keep family and friends up to date on Maggie and Ellie (due to arrive around the end of August) as they grow. Also, with the discovery of Pinterest I think it would be a lot of fun to share any ideas I try to complete from there. It may seem silly but I think it'll be fun.