Thursday, June 25, 2009

26 weeks and 1 day

Sorry I'm a day late in posting my update. It has been one busy week at work and just in general. It's a good type of busy and as long as I can make it through tomorrow all will be well.

Now as far as baby stuff goes:

How far along?: 26 wks and 1 day. Next Wednesday I'll officially be in my 3rd trimester.
Maternity Clothes?: Same as before. I did find a great pair of lounge pants at Destination Maternity last week. I pretty much live in them when I get home in the evenings. They are like butta.
Best Moment this week: We bought a crib and

selected our paint color.
Movement: She's moving even more. And I have started noticing her kick when I'm resting something on my belly. In the evenings I usually read in bed for a bit. I rest my book on my belly, well, I was resting my book on my belly but M started kicking at it so I had to change positions.
Food Craving: Krispy Kreme Hot Glazed Doughnuts and cold milk.
Baby's Gender: Still a Girl!
Labor Signs: None. Not even Braxton Hicks that I notice.
What I miss: Sleep. I've been having a harder time getting to and staying asleep this week. I an really tell that it's starting to get to me...
What I'm looking forward to: Painting the nursery this weekend and having my mom and sisters come to visit for the 4th of July!
Milestones: Not really a milestone but it's my last week in my second trimester. Next week when I got to the doctor I will start scheduling bi-monthly appointments instead of just monthly. I can't believe how fast this is flying by!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Week 25

How far along?: 25 wks
Maternity Clothes?: Yes, mostly shirts still but I did break down and buy another pair of maternity pants. They were too cute to pass up.
Best Moment this week: After trying out 6 different paint colors. (Even though we thought it would be one of the three we had last week) I believe we have found the paint color for the nursery.
Movement: Tons and tons of wiggles. I did get to feel her roll over. That was a really cool feeling.
Food Craving: Still no major cravings. I have wanted chicken wings this week, though.
Baby's Gender: Still a Girl!
Labor Signs: None and that's a good thing.
What I miss: Nothing different from before. I miss shopping in the normal stores for cute Spring/Summer clothes.
What I'm looking forward to: Getting the nursery going. So far we've gotten a new ceiling fan installed and most likely picked the paint color. Next we are going to start ordering furniture. On a non-pregnancy note: I'm looking forward to Saturday. We are celebrating my niece, Bailey's first birthday.
Milestones: No huge milestones this week. I did discover that I have a mole inside my belly-button. Not really a milestone but funny.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Week 24 Update

This week has been and will continue to be a busy one for us. Will started teaching at the college again plus we have so many things to get done around the house. The great thing is that we are making progress for when M comes. We can't wait to meet her!

How far along?: 24 wks
Maternity Clothes?: Yes, still all my shirts. And I'm still a Bella Band advocate as I have not purchased another pair of maternity pants.
Best Moment this week: Signing up for our Bradley Class. I am so anxious to learn and really excited to prepare for labor. Plus, it makes things feel so much more real.
Movement: Still a little wiggle worm. Last night she was a dancing machine. Will has gotten to feel her kick a couple of times which was really exciting!
Food Craving: No huge cravings lately. I have noticed that I tend to gravitate towards sweet stuff these days. Chocolate ice cream is a favorite.
Baby's Gender: Still a Girl!
Labor Signs: None
What I miss: Still miss my regular shoes. I also miss standing up with ease.
What I'm looking forward to: Getting started on the nursery. I narrowed paint color choices down to 3. Tonight we are going to get samples to paint the wall and see what we like the best.
Milestones: Hitting 24 weeks! Also, a realization hit me last week. My youngest sister was born at 24 weeks. (She's perfect and shows no side effects, by the way. We are blessed.) But just coming to the realization that I am at the same point in my pregnancy as my mom was when she had Jenny was really..... interesting. I'm not worried at all but I do remember going to visit Jenny in the hospital when she was born. I remember how small she was and what she looked like. That is right where our little girl is. It just made me think...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Confession and Updates

I have to confess, I am really a big wimp when it comes to putting up belly picks. That's why you haven't seen one. Well, the truth is that up until fairly recently, there wasn't much belly to show but now that there is, I'm a chicken. I've taken a few shots but most of the time I really feel like I just look sick and worn out. Now, I will say that most of those shots where taken in the first trimester when I was sick and worn out but I still have not mustered up the courage ever since my first few fails. So, I may or may not post a belly pic. We'll just have to see.

As for updates, I want to start posting these weekly to keep you all in the loop. This week you'll hopefully get a couple so that I can get on track. So, here we go:

How far along? 22 wks and 5 days
Maternity Clothes? Yes, all my shirts. I have a pair of maternity jeans and bermuda shorts but usually I just use my Bella Band. It's a pregnant girls dream!!! (Blair, if you read this and don't have one, let me know)
Best Moment this week: Finally feeling like I look pregnant and not just like I've been a little too in love with carbs.
Movement: Wow! Do I have a wiggle worm. She is moving all over and I feel so much more often now. She is a night owl, though. Most of the time she gets really active in the late afternoon and continues on and off through the rest of the evening. I usually go to bed with her kicking me.
Food Craving: I can't really think of anything I've been craving lately. I went through my veggie and dill dip phase but that's gone now. The strangest thing is that I like things I never would even look at before. I never ate mushrooms before getting pregnant but now I eat them a lot.
Baby's Gender: Girl! We love pink!
Labor Signs: None
What I miss: Wearing shoes other than flip-flops. My poor feet are so swollen. All I can wear is flip-flops. It makes me feel really unprofessional at work.
What I'm looking forward to: I have a doctor's appointment this week so I can't wait to hear her heartbeat again. I'm also looking forward to picking paint colors for the nursery.
Milestones: It's not a big one but we received a piece to the bedding set we picked out. Now I can go find a paint color to go in the room. That just makes this all seem so much more real!

What other things would you guys like me to let you know in my weekly updates. Let me know.