Thursday, December 16, 2010

Show Us Your Life- Christmas Tour of Homes

Kelly at Kelly's Corner and The Nester are both hosting a Christmas Tour of Homes so I thought I would participate and show you our little bit of Christmas decor we have. I should probably start off by saying that I love, love, LOVE Christmas time! I love the decorations, the food, the traditions and the celebrations! Mostly I love celebrating the birth of Jesus. So, with all that in mind I usually start getting ready for Christmas right after Thanksgiving. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to rush Thanksgiving. I love it too. It's just that I want to make sure that I get my fill of Christmas before it's over. 

Most of my Christmas decorations are gifts and hand-me-downs and truthfully, I love that! I love that there is a story or a memory behind every single thing.  

Here is our tree which was a gift from my grandmother and aunt on mine and Will's first Christmas after we were married. I love this tree. It's nice an big and full! You can also see the tree skirt which I made this year. I seriously love the fabric in this tree skirt. I was walking through Joann Fabric's and the fabric caught my eye. I saw it and decided I had to come up with something to make just so I could use that fabric. So, now I have a beautiful tree skirt. I also made one for my sister while I was at it. 

 Here is our mantle. About half of what is on this mantle was given to us by my aunt and grandmother, yet again. Those two are probably the only two people I know who love to decorate for Christmas as much as I do. I still need to get a stocking for Maggie but I haven't found just the right one. I thought of making one for her but I haven't found any more fabric that I love and wouldn't you know that the fabric I made the tree skirt out of was all sold out before Thanksgiving!

Here is Maggie's Little People Nativity. I have this sitting on our window seat so that Maggie can play with it. She usually just throws the pieces all over our living room and we have since composed the song "Oh Little Terror of Bethlehem". It's a lovely little ditty about a giant baby who comes to the little town of Bethlehem and destroys it with one swift sweep of her giant baby arm. Luckily, the town miraculously recovers...several times a day.

See...they recover nicely.

This nativity is one that my dad made years ago and gave to my grandmother. Last year she passed it down to me. I played with this nativity set every year when I was a little girl. Some of the pieces have been repaired or replaced but it's still a very special addition to our Christmas decor.

Lastly, every single year since the year I was born my grandparents have given me a brass ornament. I have several all over our tree. I love them all. They are so unique and special to me. Here is one of my favorites. Of course all of these ornaments are out of Maggie's reach. In fact, if you look very closely at our tree you can see where all the kid friendly ornaments stop and the more fragile ornaments end.

So, that's our Christmas decor. I hope you all enjoy it. Hopefully next year we will have more to add.

Merry Christmas!!!!