Thursday, December 16, 2010

Show Us Your Life- Christmas Tour of Homes

Kelly at Kelly's Corner and The Nester are both hosting a Christmas Tour of Homes so I thought I would participate and show you our little bit of Christmas decor we have. I should probably start off by saying that I love, love, LOVE Christmas time! I love the decorations, the food, the traditions and the celebrations! Mostly I love celebrating the birth of Jesus. So, with all that in mind I usually start getting ready for Christmas right after Thanksgiving. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to rush Thanksgiving. I love it too. It's just that I want to make sure that I get my fill of Christmas before it's over. 

Most of my Christmas decorations are gifts and hand-me-downs and truthfully, I love that! I love that there is a story or a memory behind every single thing.  

Here is our tree which was a gift from my grandmother and aunt on mine and Will's first Christmas after we were married. I love this tree. It's nice an big and full! You can also see the tree skirt which I made this year. I seriously love the fabric in this tree skirt. I was walking through Joann Fabric's and the fabric caught my eye. I saw it and decided I had to come up with something to make just so I could use that fabric. So, now I have a beautiful tree skirt. I also made one for my sister while I was at it. 

 Here is our mantle. About half of what is on this mantle was given to us by my aunt and grandmother, yet again. Those two are probably the only two people I know who love to decorate for Christmas as much as I do. I still need to get a stocking for Maggie but I haven't found just the right one. I thought of making one for her but I haven't found any more fabric that I love and wouldn't you know that the fabric I made the tree skirt out of was all sold out before Thanksgiving!

Here is Maggie's Little People Nativity. I have this sitting on our window seat so that Maggie can play with it. She usually just throws the pieces all over our living room and we have since composed the song "Oh Little Terror of Bethlehem". It's a lovely little ditty about a giant baby who comes to the little town of Bethlehem and destroys it with one swift sweep of her giant baby arm. Luckily, the town miraculously recovers...several times a day.

See...they recover nicely.

This nativity is one that my dad made years ago and gave to my grandmother. Last year she passed it down to me. I played with this nativity set every year when I was a little girl. Some of the pieces have been repaired or replaced but it's still a very special addition to our Christmas decor.

Lastly, every single year since the year I was born my grandparents have given me a brass ornament. I have several all over our tree. I love them all. They are so unique and special to me. Here is one of my favorites. Of course all of these ornaments are out of Maggie's reach. In fact, if you look very closely at our tree you can see where all the kid friendly ornaments stop and the more fragile ornaments end.

So, that's our Christmas decor. I hope you all enjoy it. Hopefully next year we will have more to add.

Merry Christmas!!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Show Us Your Life- Bathrooms

I have been reading Kelly's Corner for a few months now and decided to participate in her 'Show Us Your Life' series. So, here goes...

First, let me say that bathrooms, especially in our house are hard to photograph. And they are not fun at all. But the have their purpose... and that's all I'll say about that.

This is the master bath. It's long and narrow which is why this is all you can see of it. I felt weird posting a picture of just the toilet so you can use your imagination. We do have a nice, big tub that I love!!! But I left that picture out, too, because it was hard to get a picture of it.

This is our guest bathroom/Maggie's bathroom.

I really want to take out this vanity, mirror and light fixture and put in a pedestal sink, new mirror and lighting to dress it up a little.

Here are the little pictures in the wall in the bathroom. Just thought I'd include them because they are cute and bathroom themed.

So, there you have it. Hopefully the next 'Show Us Your Life' will allow me to show you something a little more interesting in our house. Especially since the holidays are coming!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Smile and say "Cheese"!

Lately, whenever I take out the camera and ask Maggie to smile and say "cheese" I usually get one of these silly faces. What a goof! It looks quite similar to a face that her Aunt Bird use to make when she was asked to smile. We called it her Popeye face.

Monday, November 8, 2010

1 Year Old!

WARNING: Lots of pictures.
I know I'm about a month late in posting pictures of Maggie's first birthday but since that day our lives have been busy, busy, busy! So, with out further delay here we go...
We had a lunch party for Maggie's first birthday and invited family and friends to join us at my mother-in-law's house. We decided to have a cupcake theme for her party and even though I didn't get to make everything I had wanted to for the party there were still several fun little cupcake items...
Such as the cupcakes them selves...

Maggie's cupcake shirt I made for her to wear... ( I probably should have put the little cupcake up higher...oh well...we live and learn.)

And her birthday cake.

Speaking of cake...this kid LOVES her cake! She had no problem getting in there and tearing that sucker up!

We had a great time at Maggie's party and really appreciated having all our friends and family that could make it there.

We especially enjoyed trying to take this picture. I was about to split a gut this was so funny. All these little kids were such troopers!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Harvest Festival 2010

Before it gets too late I wanted to publish a few photos of my little Lyon in her lion costume at this years Harvest Festival.

Maggie was really a good sport about wearing this little outfit. I had not planned on us really doing anything for Halloween. Our church usually holds a Harvest Festival as a Halloween alternative and initially I hadn't even planned on us going to that because I really don't want Maggie or any of our kids thinking that we have to do anything on that night. We never really did anything when I was growing up so I didn't feel the need with Maggie. And then I came across this pattern. It was so cute and it was a LION!!! How perfect! I had to make it. I started it in the beginning of October not knowing how difficult it was going to be and was done with the majority of it pretty quickly. The hardest part was gluing all the little ribbons on the hood. But I am so pleased with the results! I think I have the cutest little lion ever!

A shot of the tail. I had a few requests to see the back.
At the Harvest Festival.

Keepin' it Clean

I remember, growing up, Saturday was always the cleaning day at our house. I dreaded it. I'm sure my parents dreaded it because it was like pulling teeth getting us to actually do our chores and do them well. Now that I'm in my own house I do see the importance of keeping your house clean and taking care of things but I still hate the thought of dedicating Saturday morning to doing that. Especially since that is one time when Will is home and we can spend time together. Keeping all that in mind I went searching for a solution and that's when I discovered The Clean Mama!

For the past couple of months I've been following her blog and after a while I started using her weekly docket to keep our house in order and keep me on a schedule. It's been great! Every day has a task assigned to it as well as specific task that I do every day. For example, today is the day I wash our floors so I will mop all the hard floors in our house and tomorrow is vacuuming day so that will take care of the rest of the floors in the house. That means that after tomorrow I will have cleaned our entire house for the week and I'll have the weekend to enjoy my family.

The best part of it all is that our house stays fairly clean and I don't feel like I'm working hard and stressing out over staying on top of it. Some tasks I complete while Maggie is napping and others I complete while she is just playing around the house and I can keep an eye on her. And I have it all done on Saturday morning!

So, that's what has worked for me. Let me know what works for you and your family.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"No Puke" Beef Stew

Sadly there is no photo to go with this post but that's mainly because when making this wonderful meal there is not much to photograph.

This is a simple crock-pot recipe that I grew up on and it's delicious! Even though we call it "No Puke". And how did it get such a name? Well, because I'm an airhead and don't always read things carefully. At least not when I was as kid.

I think it was about the time we got a crock-pot that we discovered a recipe for "No Peek" beef stew and my mom decided to make it. I glanced at the recipe and could have sworn that the title said "No Puke" and so that's what we constantly referred to it as. I thought that maybe beef stew had a reputation for not being so tasty and that this was a recipe that was actually for a good and tasty beef stew. (Hey, I was about 8 years old, cut me some slack.) So, we made the beef stew and I loved it and continued to call it "No Puke" and no one corrected me. In fact, we just called it that and still do. I don't think that I actually discovered that the name of it was "No Peek" until I was married and looking for the recipe to make for Will and myself.

So, what is in this wonderful beef stew? It's so simple:
  • 1 can cream of mushroom soup
  • 1 envelope of onion soup mix
  • 1 cup of red wine
  • 2 lbs. beef for stew

Pour the first three ingredients into a crock-pot and mix together. Add the beef and mix in to cover with sauce mix. Cover and cook on low for 6-8 hours. Serve over rice or egg noodles. It's fabulous! And it won't make

Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's a Great Day at Chick-fil-a

Maggie has decided, with the help of her parents, that she is a huge fan of Chick-fil-a. She and I frequently have lunch dates with Will at this favorite restaurant. Besides the fact that their food is great, there is also the friendly service of the staff their that makes eating at CFA such a treat.

They love to talk to Maggie and play with her and on occasion they will give her a balloon, which she loves. This particular time they even gave her a stuffed cow! She played with it the rest of the day.

The last reason we love CFA...

We love sharing ice dream with each other. Although, Maggie is still learning the concept of sharing....we are working on it.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

DIY Home Decor

Yes, I have taken a 2 month break from blogging and now I return with a DIY post... I do have Maggie updates but for right now this is what I want to blog about.
Ever since Will and I moved into our house I have been trying to decorate but have been on a very strict budget. I have looked online at several blogs for great, inexpensive ideas and finally found one that I thought I could cut my crafting teeth on. I found this through another blogger's site and decided to give it a try. Well, here are the results:

I bought all my supplies that I didn't already have at the Dollar Store. So the total project cost me about $2.00. Let me know what you think.

Friday, June 11, 2010

She gets it from her Aunt Jenny...

When I was about 10 years old my mom, sisters and I discovered a soft serve ice cream that we loved. Some evenings after dinner we would make a special trip to the mall where it was located just to have a cone. And if we happened to be at the mall for any special reason we usually stopped to get some then as well. One day in particular my mom, sisters, and I were at the mall and we wanted to get some ice cream but my mom only had enough cash to buy one cone. (this was obviously in the days before check cards) We all decided that we would share the cone, each person would take a little and pass it on to the next. Jenny was maybe about 2 years old and while she said she was on board with this plan, I now believe that the only part of the plan she actually understood and agreed to was the buying of the ice cream cone. The sharing part went way over her 2 year old head.

So, we made our purchase and started the sharing rotation. First mom took her turn, then me, next Adrienne and last was Jenny. The whole time the cone was being passed around she waited anxiously for her turn. Once she had it, I think, she thought it was hers for good. She took her turn and when mom reached to take it from her for the next person Jenny let out a scream that would wake the dead...and she didn't stop until it was her turn again. She did this every time we took it from her. We would try to calm her down in between turns but she still screeched at the top of her lungs. People were gawking at us wondering what awful things were being done to this poor child who would not stop yelling. We also tried to explain to her before giving her another turn that she would have to give up the cone once she took her turn but she would get it again. It didn't matter, all she knew was that she wanted HER ice cream and WE were taking it from her. I think we eventually gave her the rest of it once we got to the end of it. To this day we still give Jenny a hard time about that incident.

Now, almost 19 years later there is another little girl who has a similar love for ice cream and detestation for sharing it...

A few weeks ago Maggie and I went to visit Will while he was working at the valet. While we were there I ran over to Kilwin's, the new favorite ice cream joint, and got a small chocolate cup for us to share. I thought we would also give Maggie a couple of bites to see how she liked it. It might as well have been Jenny eating that ice cream when she was 2 because every time we filled the spoon to serve ourselves Maggie hollered until we gave her some. Only this time there was no explaining and no reasoning, not that it made much difference when we tried with Jenny.

We haven't given her any more ice cream since that time. First of all, she's still a little young, second of all, I personally like the mall from time to time. I'd like to be able to return there. I fear that if my child keeps up that screaming they might ask us to leave and not come back. That has happened in my family as well. That is a comparison I do not wish to make...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Not a Fan...

Maggie has been eating solid foods for about a month now and so far she loves her veggies! She likes peas, carrots, green beans and sweet potatoes. I've tried a few other foods such as bananas and apples but she really only likes the veggies.

Yesterday I thought I would try her on roasted bananas in brown rice to see if she liked them at all and this is the response. I hate to laugh but I just couldn't help it. There were only about 4 spoonful's total which she did eventually get all down but we probably won't be trying this one again any time soon.

Bananas and Brown Rice...not a fan. from Laura Lyon on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Toes in the water, toes in the sand...

Today Will and I took Maggie to the beach for the first time. Just a short little visit to see what she thought about it. I put Will in charge of taking pictures since there are hardly and pictures of Maggie and I together. So that left me in charge of carrying a baby. As we walked the boardwalk to get to the ocean the wind started picking up. As the wind blew a little more Maggie got happier and wigglier.

Once we were on the beach I put Maggie down to sit in the sand. She loved it. She wanted to eat the sand like all other babies but since this was a quick trip and we had places to go we skipped our sandy snack.

Her favorite part was putting her feet in the water. She laughed when the waves came up over her feet. If it had been warmer I think we would have just stripped her down to her diaper and let her sit in the surf. She was trying to... I am really, really looking forward to our family beach trip in a few months. I have a feeling she is going to have a blast!

Can't get along...

I have had a few pictures to share with you all but for some reason my camera and my computer are only getting along when they feel like it. The pictures will start to load but then something will go wrong and they won't finish. Every now and then I can get it to work but not that often. So, while I figure this problem out just hang with me and try not to get too bored without pictures.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Maggie wanted you to know that...

When I was pregnant with Maggie, Will and I went into Destination Maternity here in Jacksonville. It was brand new at the time so we took our time browsing the store and looking at all they had. There was a small section that was filled with boutique style baby items and that is where Will first saw this onsie.

Fast forward to Father's Day of last year and I decided to get Will a gift. The onsie he had been eyeballing. Maggie is just now fitting into it but every time she wears it Will gets a huge kick out of it.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Six months later I finally decide to write out Maggie's birth story

I really wanted to type this out a long time ago but for one reason or another never did. Now that Maggie is 6 months old and taking regular naps I have finally decided to take the time to do it. So without further delay, here is Maggie's birth story.

On Sunday, October 4, 4 days past my due date I was still pregnant and not really showing any signs that I might go into labor. I'd had a few Braxton Hicks contractions but nothing that really stood out. When I went for my 39 week check at the doctor's office they started talking about scheduling and induction if I didn't go into labor by 41 weeks. I had been hoping and praying that I would go into labor on my own and have a natural delivery so talk of an induction really didn't appeal to me. I talked to my doctor about waiting for an induction as long as possible and she agreed that they would go to 42 weeks but I had to come in and have extra ultrasounds. I was fine with that, anything to buy myself some time and not be induced. So, back to October 4th, Will and I were sitting in church on a Sunday morning and as I sat there, the more I thought my water may have broken. Something just didn't feel normal. Sure enough at the end of the service I stood up to leave and felt a slight trickle down my leg. I was so embarrassed to be going through this at church. Not just in public but amongst all the proper, well-dressed little church ladies. I walked quickly to the bathroom after telling Will that my water had broken, my friend Jennifer came with me. She helped me calm down a bit and then her husband walked me to our car, which Will ran ahead to retrieve. On the way home I called my mom, my dad and other family members. Will called his parents as well. I remember waiting for contractions to kick in but I really wasn't feeling anything noticeable.

Once we got home I took a shower and changed clothes while Will made lunch. We went for a walk to try and get things going but still I didn't feel a thing. I should have taken a quick nap but for some reason my curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to just make sure that Maggie's heart rate was right where it needed to be. We called the doctor's office and let them know that my water had broken but I wasn't having contractions yet. They told us that I needed to go to the hospital right away. So, we took our time getting all our stuff together and packing up the car. Once we got to the hospital the confirmed that my water had, indeed, broken and I was stuck there. They also told me that I hadn't dilated any more since my doctor's visit that previous Wednesday. I was 2 1/2cm. Once we got to our room and situated the first thing that I was asked was if I wanted to start pitocin. I declined and started walking the halls. At that point it was about 3:00 in the afternoon and I still wasn't feeling anything. I had been hooked up the fetal monitor for a bit before walking and was having contractions but not big ones.

So, Will and I walked the halls for a really, really long time. I wasn't making any progress and my contractions weren't getting much stronger at all. My mom got to town around 10:00pm and she walked the halls with us for a bit before heading to our house to get some rest. After she left we continued walking and about 2:00am my contractions started getting strong enough that I needed to take a break from walking each time they hit. At about that same time they started making me sick. So, our nurse decided to check my progress and then I was going to try and sleep some. When they checked me I had only dilated 1 1/2 cm in over 12 hours. I was really getting tired and the subject of pitocin kept coming up. I really wanted to deliver completely naturally so I kept putting it off. Finally at about 6:00am I still hadn't made any progress and we were worried about a possible C-section. (They don't like you to go more than 24 hours after your water breaks because of risk of infection.) I decided to go ahead and see if I could make some progress on pitocin. I was really bummed but I felt it was better than having a c-section.

Once the pitocin started I could really feel my contractions but I was still able to handle them. However, every 20 minutes they were increasing my dose. At about 8:00am I was checked and had made hardly any progress. I was becoming more and more discouraged because we were about 4 hours from our 24 hour mark and I wasn't even half way there. The pitocin was really starting to make my contractions so strong I couldn't relax during them and I didn't know how much longer I could stand it. If I had been making progress I felt like I would be able to tough it out but with the lack of progress I felt like I needed and epidural. I felt like I had failed and all the preparation we had put into having a natural delivery was out the window. At that point I decided that ultimately I wanted to have a healthy baby, that was most important. I asked for the epidural and received it pretty quickly. The effects were immediate and I felt like a new person. I was finally able to get some sleep. I slept for about 3 hours. When I woke up the nurse checked my progress and I had managed to go from about 4cm to 7 in that time I slept. That was encouraging! They increased my pitocin again to see if I could progress the rest of the way in the next couple of hours. At that point we were well past the 24 hour mark.

At about 4:30 my nurse came in to check me to see if I'd made any more progress. I was really praying that I had made progress so that we could try and eliminate the possibility of a c-section. When she checked me she asked me what I would be happy to hear. I told her I would be happy to her that I was 10. She asked me what my second choice would be and I told her 8... then she asked "how about 9 1/2?" I was so relieved! We were almost there and I would get to meet Maggie! The nurse left the room to give our doctor a heads up and said she would come back in about 30 minutes. She had been out of the room for 10 minutes tops and I all of a sudden had a really strong urge to push.

Will called the nurses station and my nurse came right back into the room. She said we were going to push me through that last 1/2cm. So, that's what I did. I pushed for about 20-30 minutes and while I was doing that all the other nurses were coming in to get set up as well as my doctor. I didn't feel like I pushed for that long. They did have to use the vacuum on Maggie just for one quick moment because her heart rate was dropping a little and I was having a tough time getting her past a certain point.

Maggie arrived at 5:21pm. The first thing I noticed about her was that she had a dimple. That and some big cheeks. I held her for a few minutes before the nurse took her to be weighed. After she was weighed and cleaned up a little they gave her to Will who had been so anxious to get his hands on her. In fact, after the nurse took her he kept asking "Can I have her now? Can I have her now?" I think after about the third time he asked and was told no he went to sit on his hands at the other end of the room. I still don't know if he was sent over there or her went on his own.

Once we things calmed down a bit and everyone left the room the three of us got to spend some time together. It was great! Maggie was perfect! She went to sleep almost right away. After a bit my mom came into the room and got to hold her. Will's mom brought us some long awaited food and then it was just the three of us again. The nurses didn't take Maggie to give her a bath until much later that night and while they did I got some rest. Will went with them.

And now, six months later, we have our Maggie. She is growing so quickly and I never thought six months could go by so fast.

Friday, April 9, 2010

So long...

I really didn't intend to take so long to post again. I had a few things to write about but then my camera and my computer wouldn't get along and talk to each other so I was unable to load pictures. And since all my topics to post on had accompanying pictures I wanted to wait until I could resolve the picture issue before posting.
So, now that we have all that settled.... on to more important things. Mainly what Maggie has been up to.

She is getting to be such a big girl! She turned 6 months old this past Monday. We celebrated by eating peas and sweet potatoes. And while she loves her new found foods she still prefers nursing to anything else. She has started saying "dadadadada" and "bababababa" and she also loves to squeal at the top of her lungs with delight.

She has started trying to sit up but won't stay up on her own for long but I have a feeling that in the next few weeks she'll be there.

We just celebrated Maggie's first Easter this past Sunday. She got an Easter basket and everything.

I think her favorite gift in her Easter basket was her set of spoons.

Maggie also loves to wear bows in her hair.

We have one for just about every outfit now and just enough hair to hold them in. And I must admit, every time I put a bow in her hair I wonder if she'll take after me and go to softball practice in a skirt with a bow in her hair. I hope so...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

All smiles

This sweet girl just lights up my days.

I love seeing these smiles.

She's turning into such a ham.

I can't wait to see what she does next.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Time with Friends

Last week my friend Kristina came over with her little guy, Maggie's friend, Ethan. He was born about 6 days before Maggie.

These two are so funny together. Half the time they don't realise there is another baby in the room.

But when they do acknowledge each other, they play well together.

While they were here I took a few pictures of Kristina and Ethan together just to play around and practice with my camera. I hope that we got a shot or two that Kristina is happy with.

Maggie and I are looking forward to our next visit with Kristina and Ethan. Thanks for coming to play with us, guys!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

DIY and Craft Blogs

Oh my! A post that isn't about Maggie!

Nope, it's about something else that's fun! I am talking about DIY, Decorating and Craft Blogs! Now that my baby has started taking regular naps and I've got most of our house in order I've gotten the itch to start sprucin' up the joint.

As you all know, Will and I moved into our house a little less than two years ago. When we first moved in we painted the entire house but beyond that, we did nothing else to really make it our own. My mom came for a week to make curtains and throw pillows for our couch but other than those two things I was at a loss for any other ideas to decorate.

So, since my baby has started taking regular naps (Thank you, Jesus!) I've started trying to come up with ideas for decorating our house. I've found a couple of really great blogs that have tons of ideas and tons of DIY posts! Those are my favorite, by the way.

Here are a few of the blogs I've discovered but I want you all to tell me of any that you might have stumbled upon. Or tell me about some projects that you've completed in your own homes. Either one! As you leave the blogs or posts in my comments, I'll add them to the list below so everyone can refer to them. And lastly, as I complete projects in the house, I'll try and keep you guys updated so you can see just how helpful you are.

A Soft Place to Land
Living with Lindsay
A Home in Progress

Friday, February 19, 2010

Maggie Rolling Over

Earlier this week I managed to get a video of Maggie rolling over. She had been trying for the better part of an hour and when she finally managed to roll over she was pretty much done! Since I took this video she has almost mastered just what to do with her arm the gets stuck under her.

P.S. Don't you love the duck-tail/mullet look my girl is rocking!?!?

Maggie Rolling Over from Laura Lyon on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Just another day...

These past couple of weeks Maggie and I have been working on her nap schedule.

And I have to say that she's done really well with it all in all.

We've had our bumps but for the most part I have a much happier little girl.

She had her 4 month dr's appointment the other day and was given an A+! The doctor couldn't believe she already had two teeth.

Maggie is so close to rolling over.

I think by this time next week she will have conquered that milestone and be ready to move onto the next one.

I can't wait to see what she does next.

Watching her grow is such a rewarding experience. But seeing how fast the time flies makes me enjoy every day I can as much as I can.